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PAR1 Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensor,

incl. amplifier

The PAR1 sensor measures the ratio between the number of photons in the 400 to 700nm spectral range that strike a surface in one second, and the surface area (in m²). This quantity is defined as PAR: Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

Thanks to the particular geometry of the PAR1 sensor it has a visual range of 180 degrees.

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A typical application that requires the installation of a PAR sensor is indoor (e.g. in greenhouses) and outdoor research of plant development, for which PAR-1 is perfectly suited, delivering a cost effective solution. Please note that in particular for outdoor applications frequent cleaning of the sensor lense with a soft, damp cloth is recommended, as dust on the diffuser surface will reduce its accuracy.

To ease installation Adcon has integrated a signal amplifier into the device that linearizes the output to a uniform 0...2,5V signal, compatible to the analog inputs of all Adcon RTUs, making this a plug-and-play sensor.

The sensor comes complete with all mast mounting equipment, two pipe clamps, and a shielded 2m cable with a 7-pin Binder jack, compatible to all RTU's of the A723, A733 and A75x families.

  • Agricultural Weather Stations
  • Research
  • Educational purposes
Leaflet - PAR1 Light Sensor
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Dimensions LxWxH 460 x 90 x 88mm
Weight 615g (incl. cable and mounting arm)
Sensitivity (typ.) ~30µV / (µmol/m²s)
Spectral range 400 - 700nm
Measuring range 0 ... 5.000 mmol/m²s
Response time less than 2 sec.
Operating temperature -30°C ... +70°C
-22°F ... +158°F
Calibration uncertainty < 6%
Output signal 0 ... 2,5VDC, linear
Power supply 5,5 VDC ... 8 VDC
Cable & connector 200cm, 7-pin M9 Binder male
Mounting mast mounting bracket for poles
with diamater of 35-40mm; clamps included
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