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ADCON Irrigation Management

Soil Moisture Monitoring - Irrigation Monitoring - Valve Control

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ADCON Disease Management

Professional disease models for many crops - spray only when needed!

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ADCON Decision Support Systems

Fighting Pathogens, preventing frost damage, irrigate and fertilize right, spray weather, etc.

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ADCON Water Quality

Water Quality Monitoring in Rivers, Lakes and Coastal Areas

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ADCON Water Management

Water / Waste Water, Hydrographics: Level & Flow, Pumps & Valves, Leak Detection & more

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ADCON Monitoring Copper Mines

Heap Leaching: Monitoring all relevant parameters on a copper ore heap

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ADCON Telemetry releases Pro 6.6 - with a much faster database and other important improvements

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ADCON LiveData - Publish your Data!

Weather data can be published on any website by simply connecting a weather station to LiveData and embedding a frame on the desired page of your site.

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